Euroports is a leading specialized port infrastructure operator offering a unique global logistics platform to its clients. With over 39 port terminals, more than 30 km of quay and 1.3 million sqm of warehouse space in strategic locations across the world, we handle and process your cargo and organize your supply chain along key trade routes.


As a market leader in essential bulk and breakbulk commodities, Euroports handles roughly 62 million tons of goods across 10 different end-markets (agribulk, sugar, alternative energy, fertilizers, pulp, paper, metals, minerals, recycling and liquid bulk). We are also increasing exposure to newer and fast-growing commodities, such as green energies (including wind turbines and hydrogen). In addition to managing our core business of port terminal operations, Euroports also provides integrated end-to-end supply chain services including freight forwarding and specialist logistics solutions to our customers.


Thanks to our 100 years of stevedoring experience, our specialized port infrastructure, in-depth industry, and market knowledge, we offer our clients the highest quality of standards, as well as cost-effective solutions. We are proud of our loyal and reliable team, numbering more than 3000 people. At Euroports, safety is not just our priority; it is at the heart of our business. Environmental, social and governance principles are core to our activities. Euroports strives to continue expanding its network and expertise together with its partners along their supply chains across the globe whilst contributing to a more sustainable port and logistic business.

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