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The following papers are related to cargo handling and coordination and have been found on academic or research sites.

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An Efficient Taguchi Approach for the Performance Optimization of Health, Safety, Environment and Ergonomics in Generation Companies

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  Azadeh and Sheikhalishahi’s approach developed in this study could be used for continuous assessment and improvement of organisation performance with respect to HSEE factors.  The results of such studies would help managers to have better understanding of weak and [...]

The use of the CTU Code to increase freight transport safety and business competitiveness: An empirical analysis of a sample of Italian companies

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  Bruno et al. (2023) - demonstrate, through an empirical survey of a sample of 26 Italian companies, how the application of the CTU Code to cargo loading and transportation processes can increase the safety level of transport activities, and [...]

Study of the Stability of Palletized Cargo by Dynamic Test Method Performed on Laboratory Test Bench

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  Tkaczyk et al. - researched the use of stretch film to identify an optimal wrapping method that would ensure load safety and reduce costs; the tests were performed considering the acceleration values for stability provided by the CTU Code   [...]

Ship accident consequences and contributing factors analyses using ship accident investigation reports

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  Zhang et al. (2019) - assessed the factors that cause ship accidents and their consequences. Standardised contributing factors from 477 ship accident investigation reports. Analysis of results by Kendall’s tau coefficient, Cramér’s V analysis and Kruskal–Wallis test.     Click here [...]

Reporting as a Key Element of an Effective Near-Miss Management System in Shipping

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  Hasanspahić et al. (2020) - assessed the quality and effectiveness of near-miss management systems in the shipping industry.  Results indicate that near-miss reporting is inadequate, and several barriers limit appropriate near-miss reporting. The difficulty of seafarers in identifying near-miss [...]

Recent Developments of Cargo Loss-Mitigating Strategies: A Review

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  Kamarumtham (2022) proposed guidelines and improvements that may be useful for reducing cargo losses, establish effective monitoring systems for container ships, optimize ship-to-ship transfer operations between Liquefied Natural Gas vessels and Floating Storage and Regasification Units, optimize ethylene gassing-up [...]

Operational Guidance for Prevention of Cargo Loss and Damage on Container Ships

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  Shigunov et al. operational guide for container ships explaining the key navigational factors that can cause cargo loss and damage. Ship-specific operational guidance onboard container carriers can assist the ship master to avoid excessive motions and accelerations and thus [...]

On the development of the new harmonised damage stability regulations for dry cargo and passenger ships

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  Papanikolaou and Eliopoulou (2008) presents a summary of the main results of a series of undertaken international, IMO-led studies, on the harmonisation of the new probabilistic, risk-based regulations with the currently in-force regulatory provisions for assessing the damage stability [...]

‘Cool Or Hot’: A Study Of Container Temperatures In Australian Wine Shipments

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  Marquez et al. (2012) - results of tracking the temperature fluctuations that wine is exposed to during international shipment. The results indicate that extreme temperature fluctuations are more prevalent in the land transport legs compared to the sea leg. [...]

Analysis of risk factors influencing the safety of maritime container supply chains

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  Wan et al. (2019) safety and security risks in the shipping industry - major risk factors influencing safety and security of maritime container supply chains to aid effective risk management.  Includes risk classification framework, incorporating a Delphi survey and [...]