ICHCA International has developed an extensive range of specialist publications on best practice in cargo handling operations. With more than 90 documents covering health and safety guidance, technical and operational practicalities, regulatory requirements and more, the ICHCA library represents a valuable repository of cargo handling expertise.

During all the years that I have been a member of this highly valuable group of experts, I have used many of the publications when analysing accident root causes, as well as when making safety recommendations to companies, vessels and operators in the accident investigation process.

ICHCA Publications Directory_001Ranging across health, safety, technical, operational, regulatory, security and environmental issues, ICHCA’s authoritative cargo handling publications are researched and compiled by ISP – ICHCA’s Technical Panel, in cooperation with our Technical Advisor and other qualified partners. ICHCA has also developed joint publications with TT Club, the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) and the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), among others.

The publications are grouped into eight core series

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BP #25 - An Illustrated Guide to Container Size and Type Codes - Edition 2, Nov 2014 spv

Briefing Pamphlets

Guidance on safe systems of work and the role of related regulatory organisations

Research Papers

Research on health and safety matters affecting cargo handling operations

Information Papers

Research on health and safety matters affecting cargo handling operations

TA #1 - Vertical Tandem Lifting Of Freight Containers_001Technical & Operational

Detailed advice on specific technical and operational issues in cargo handling


Information, research and guidance on other aspects of safe cargo handling not covered by the other series

IIL1&2 Dangerous Goods by Sea - IMDG Code Requirements for Documentation and Markings 2011_001Safety & Other Guides

Developed in conjunction with TT Club,  safety and related guides provide practical tips and guidance in a handy format

Environment & Security

Detailed advice on specific environmental and security issues in cargo handling

Library Documents

These documents, not available electronically, represent some of ICHCA’s earlier research.