IMDG Code Advanced

This course is aimed at senior dangerous goods managers / dangerous goods safety advisers who require detailed training on all the main aspects of the IMDG Code’s provisions.

This course provides:

  • An introduction to the IMDG Code
  • An overview of the IMDG Code general provisions
  • In-depth training on dangerous goods classification and identification provisions
  • In-depth training on packing requirements
  • In-depth training on package marking and labelling requirements • In-depth training on CTU marking and placarding requirements
  • In-depth training on documentation requirements and completion requirements
  • In-depth training on stowage requirements
  • In-depth training on segregation requirements within a CTU
  • In-depth training on the segregation requirements for CTUs containing dangerous goods when loaded on vessels
  • In-depth training on the requirements for limited quantities and excepted quantities shipments
  • Training on the use of CTUs
  • Training on incident and fire prevention and emergency response procedures in a port and on board a ship
  • Training on the International Convention for Safe Containers
  • Training on dangerous goods in port areas

Usual course price: £105 for first 10 courses. Multiple copy discount from 11 courses upwards

ICHCA members qualify for a 15% discount – Email us for more details