Safety Alerts

ICHCA International is committed to helping industry to learn lessons fast,

learn them once and make sure that they stay learnt. 

This information is intended to provide all organisations in the cargo supply chain with the opportunity to consider the events and to review and adapt their own health and safety control measures to proactively prevent future incidents.  We are grateful to all those who provide these alerts and acknowledge their commitment to sharing learning to benefit others.

Learning content like this is highly valuable as it is based on real-world experience.  We encourage everyone with publishable information about incidents to send it to us, so that we can raise awareness across the whole industry.  Please contact us at; sharing your insight could save a life or prevent injury.

Contact with live cable

Contact with a live cable during recent excavation works had high potential to cause harm to persons. On this occasion harm was prevented by implementing appropriate mitigation measures (insulated hand tools) as determined by the risk assessment.   Please Click Here for the full Operational Alert   We are grateful to the Port of London for providing details and to PSS for drawing it to o [...]

Working at Height – Access to vehicle; protection from a fall

Falls from height remain one of the most common causes of workplace fatalities in the UK.  In Great Britain in 2020/2021 there were 35 fatalities, and over 5,000 injuries that caused the injured person to be off work for over 7 days or more.  A recent UK prosecution again highlighted the risks of working at height where a driver fell from the bed of their vehicle and was fatally injured.   Ma [...]

Fumigated Cargoes, Liverpool Incident

The Port of Liverpool (UK) recently encountered a situation involving fumigated cargoes.  The port was preparing to discharge bulk bagged sweet potato pellets when operatives noticed partially empty cannisters distributed within the holds.  These were confirmed to be aluminium phosphide fumigation cannisters.  The cargo had been recently treated in three holds.  All operations were immediately bro [...]

Wheeled Loading Shovel Fatalities

There have been nine fatal vehicle-pedestrian collisions involving wheeled loading shovels in the UK over the past four years.  Six in waste/recycling, the rest in wood chip.  Some were due to poor forward visibility, others resulted from reversing.  Larger capacity buckets had been fitted to some machines, further reducing forward visibility.   The UK regulatory authority has issued a safety [...]

Classification & Declaration of Divinylbenzene for Transport in Tank Containers

Some interests have been seeking to transport Divinylbenzene (DVB) from China to destinations in both Europe and United States of America, while mis-declaring the commodity as Class 9, UN 3082 ENVIRONMENTALLY HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE, LIQUID, N.O.S. (Divinylbenzene).  Divinylbenzene, though not specifically named in the Dangerous Goods regulations, is a liquid prone to Polymerisation.  The IMDG Code in [...]

  • Marine loading arms

Catastrophic failure of marine loading arm

Marine loading arms (MLAs) are commonly used throughout UK ports and jetties to load and unload liquids and compressed gas products from river barges, ships, and tankers. Evidence obtained during an HSE investigation of a failed MLA revealed concerns that not all components were being suitably inspected and maintained due to problems accessing the highest pivot joint. The lack of lubrication of th [...]

ICHCA Safety Alert: Flash Fire Inside Diesel Tank

Workers were assigned to remove and replace a 16’ x 9” section of deck plate adjacent to the bulkhead inside the diesel tank of a chemical tanker. Please click the link for the full Operational Alert: Flash Fire Inside Diesel Tank We are grateful to Signal Mutual for providing details of this incident and acknowledge their commitment to sharing learning to benefit others. If you have similar opera [...]