Invasive Pests

World food security and biodiversity is at risk from contaminating pests.  Plant pests and diseases are responsible for the loss of up to 40% of global food crops and trade losses exceeding $22bn annually.

The lead UN body, the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures has created a phytosanitary expert Focus Group to look at potential pest contamination on sea containers.  Recognising the need for supply chain input, they asked industry to form a Container Cleanliness Industry Advisory Group (CCIAG) to provide advice, suggestions and recommendations on:

  • cleanliness of the interior and exterior of intermodal freight containers and their cargoes
  • risks of pest contamination in the international containerized supply chain

We are pleased to be part of the CCIAG.  Managing contaminating pests is best approached through collective effort that includes plant protection, industry and other stakeholders.  Critically, ICHCA’s role is to work with stakeholder partners to ensure safety is “baked in” to the delivery of practical and sustainable outcomes.

Download Invasive Pest Guidance Documents Here