Our NGO Work

Over many decades, ICHCA has played a significant role in ensuring that the voice of the cargo handling industry is represented in the development of new legislation and regulatory guidelines.

ICHCA’s privileged NGO status at IMO, ILO, ISO and other key UN agencies allows us to monitor, contribute to, and influence the development of regulations and guidelines that impact cargo handling and movement worldwide.

Our recent and current NGO campaign work covers a number of major regulatory items, including:

  • Legislation on verification of container weights
  • Code of Practice on Packing of Cargo Transport Units
  • Liquefaction of bulk cargoes and MARPOL Annex V
  • Approved Continuous Examination Programme (ACEP) for containers
  • Thorough examination of ships lifting appliances and SOLAS Amendment
  • IMDG and IMSBC Code amendments
  • GHG emissions on vessels (and in Ports)
  • Maritime Single Window
  • FAL Convention Manual
  • Ship/Port Interface document compendium
  • Mooring Safety Guidelines

ICHCA Member Delegations to IMO

ICHCA’s NGO work includes organising member delegations to attend IMO and other meetings, taking part in expert correspondent and working groups; and reporting back to members and the industry at large on the progress of new and amended legislation. Members are welcome to join one of our delegations and/or take part in supporting working and correspondence groups.

Upcoming events


14th to 18th September  – 7th session of Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers

21st and 22nd November – IMO Council 30th Extraordinary session

25th November to 4th December – IMO Assembly 31st session

5th December – IMO Council 123rd session

The preliminary programme of meetings for 2020 can be found on the IMO Home page at www.imo.org

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