IMDG Code Refresher Course

The IMDG Code Refresher course provides a recap of the main IMDG Code provisions and includes an update on IMDG Code Amendment 41-22 for personnel who have already been trained online, or in the classroom, and have previous knowledge of the IMDG Code. The Refresher course helps you to update your training without the need to take a full course again.

The course is suitable for those that have previously taken IMDG Code training in a classroom or e-learning training environment.

The IMDG Code Refresher course can be purchased with additional modules, a 49 CFR and an ADR module, which look at additional requirements in those regulations when shipping under IMDG Code provisions.

The Amendment 41-22 courses are open book and include hyperlinks in the course to help with your training experience.

Usual course price: £91 for the first 10 courses. Multiple copy discount from 11 courses upwards.

ICHCA members qualify for a 15% discount – Email us for more details