Technical Advisory Service

Managed by our professional Technical Advisor, ICHCA’s technical advice service provides a trusted source of information on cargo handling practice, policy and regulations.

Members can pose questions to the Technical Advisor on any aspect of cargo handling and will receive feedback based on an extensive library of past queries and first-hand global industry knowledge, including the active input of the ISP Technical Panel member body.

Compared with using open channels to solicit feedback from sources whose qualifications may not be fully known, ICHCA’s technical advice service gives members a guarantee of quality information from experienced industry practitioners.

As an allied service, the Technical Advisor, working together with the ISP Technical Panel, compiles regular updates and analysis of accidents and incidents reported by ICHCA members and via other channels.

All queries and feedback are treated in strictest confidence.

Contact the Technical Advisor
“Having a strong global reference point for technical questions is very important.

When new issues arise, there is a panel of technical experts who can research and report on the issue and lobby where necessary on a very high level.”